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Blow-dry and styling

45 min from £45
Event blowdry £55

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Clay mask and treatment

Hair loss, antidandruff and rebalancing scalp Ph treatment, Pre Organic colour Treatment. £40 in salon, Treatment to buy for home selfcare £51

Gents Haircut

50 min £50


1 hr £75

For booking, please, drop me, an email


1h15 min From £120

For booking, please, drop me an email


1hr 15min From £90

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Organic Gloss ( treatment and blowdry included )

2hr 15 min
from £155

For booking, please drop me an email.

Organic Pure Gaia Colour, 2 applications (included treatment and blowdry )

3hr 15 min from

Organic Pure Gaia colour 1 application (included treatment and blowdry)

From £150

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Rituals hair treatment

For a relaxing time.

1 hr

For booking, please, drop me an email

Wedding Bridal

On consultation


15 minutes

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