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Greys Hair and Organic colour.

First reaction about greys hair and Organic colour is: " it does not work", " it does not cover greys hair", " it will be orange ".

We all know Henna, and we all remember that Henna is an orange pigment. But fortunately, @couleursgaia is also working with indigo, cassia, rhubarb, curcuma and camomile base.

Organic Hair colour does cover greys hair. But you have got 2 Options.

1st: We are using your greys to create unique shades and highlight effect. Instead to cover and change completely your natural colour, organic colour creates a layer of pigment on your natural hair. With 1 application of Organic Colour, we are going to cover your greys, but the pigment will take as a lighter shade on them.

Instead of spending 2 hours for half head of highlight, you will spend 45 minutes with a natural highlighted look.

2nd: For brunettes who would like a high, dark and full coverage of greys, a 2 applications process is needed.

How does that work?

We apply a henna base on your hair to create a "grip" for our pigment who will look Orange, then we will apply a 2nd part with Indigo to cool down and create a darker shade. Obviously, we will mix with other pigments to achieve the colour desired.

Result of Organic colour is processing during 48h. BE PATIENT and TRUST THE PROCESS. Your colour will look always a bit brighter on the day and will become a bit darker and opaque after 48h hours.


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