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Antipollution and hairloss Clay Treatment

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Clay treatment " Source d'argile" By COULEURS GAIA is designed to "clean", purify and detoxify your hair and scalp before your first Organic Hair colour and also prevent from hairloss.

How does this work?

Our Clay is mixed with jojoba oil and marine salt to detoxify your scalp from pollution and chemicals residues due to chemical colour and also products with silicone who create a layer on your hair and block our pigment. It also helps to balance your PH, reduce sebum, give body and vitality to your hair and will help healthy regrowth of your hair with stimulating your blood flow.

Your hair will be Healthier, glossy, thicker and moisturised.

This step is very important before your organic hair colour to guarantee the best and vibrant final result.

Tips: Mixing two spoons of Clay with hot water to create a smooth texture, start to apply from the roots for 10 min and then massage on the lengths and leave for another 5 min. Source d'argile will create a cooling effect on your scalp.

This mask can also be used as a face and body mask. recommended for psoriasis issue and eczema.


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